Business need

Recognizing patterns and converting biomedical data into scientific knowledge is a hard but significant aspect of clinical science as this enables decision making and helps in formulating explicit rules through precise biomedical analyses.


Informatic offers the full spectrum of IT resources for Healthcare organizations of all sizes and helps our clients navigate the dynamic landscape of science patterns andbiomedical data.

Optimization and Comprehensive Statistical Methods

  • Optimize protocols with early trial support
  • Obtain comprehensive statistical support, including statistical analysis, sample size calculation, statistical reporting

Sustainable and Scalable

  • Ensure continuity and flexibility of study deliverables
  • Gain high-quality analysis within short timeframes

Areas of

  • Prepare Statistical Analysis Plans and analysis dataset specification
  • Generate Analysis datasets and/or ADaM datasets
  • SDTM and ADaM data mapping and conversion
  • Table, Listing, and Figure Generation for interim and final analysis
  • SCS/SCE (pooling) database preparation & statistical analysis & Interim Analysis and DMC Support



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