At Informatic, we understand the needs of our employees for work-life balance while at the same time fueling their passion to continuously learn and improve in the field of healthcare, clinical and life sciences, as well as digital transformation and compliance.

About Informatic

Good help is hard to find, especially in the continuously developing world of IT and the complex life science landscape. Informatic helps provide companies with the manpower they need, fully equipped with the relevant skills and expertise for the job. And so, we’re constantly looking for people who will join our team as well — with relevant skills and expertise for our jobs.

Why Informatic

At Informatic, we envision creating value in this new era of technology by finding opportunities in some of the world's most stimulating difficulties. Beyond being a job, it's a career — to solve problems no one’s ever thought would ever be solved. To enable smart collaboration, offer smart consulting, and bring smart value.

Grow Your Career

Growing your career entails deep experiences working with professionals who are the best in the field. At Informatic, we make sure that we partner only with knowledgeable SMEs in the field, so that our people’s experience will be far-reaching and diverse.

Thrive in an Inclusive Workplace.

Fostering a culture of openness, collaboration, and trust, it is part of our commitment to provide an inclusive workplace for our employees. We make sure to provide the best work experience we can — because, within Informatic, we are customers to each other.

Be Result-Oriented

As we are a company that provides solutions to complex problems, we expect our future colleagues to be keen at delivering secure platforms, creating integrated clinical solutions and bolstering management processes, and improving procedures.

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