Digital has become the norm. Even before the COVID-19 crisis hit, many companies in the life sciences industry had started implementing digital transformation in their business workflows. But the global pandemic has heightened even more the significance of digital interactions and will continue to expedite the adoption of digital-ecosystem business models.

Currently, an increasing number of life sciences companies are moving away from traditional value chains to a multi-dimensional digital ecosystem where the digitization of processes and the exchange of data will be the key. Several life sciences CEOs perceive this technological disruption as an opportunity that will optimize quality, increase internal efficiency, and ensure compliance with regulations.


of life sciences companies have already embarked on a journey toward a holistic healthcare solution by implementing a comprehensive multi-stage digital data strategy.

– KPMG International


of EU healthcare providers said their organization had increased its adoption of digital technologies to support clinicians’ ways of thinking.

– Deloitte

Emerging technological advancements will drastically change the way healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies interact with patients. Many believe that they are moving towards ‘patient-centricity’ where their focus is on developing bespoke solutions and products to achieve superior patient outcomes.

Once more, the importance of having a digital data strategy is underscored. The volume of data being created and collected on every individual using sensors, wearables, and mobile apps is increasing tremendously. Life sciences and healthcare organizations are faced with the challenge of analyzing this enormous data. And as data and analytics gain importance, the tools to discern them are also essential.


of organizations have adopted at least one cloud-based digital health solution using clinical data.

– Accenture

Cloud-based solutions can enhance the quality and availability of data to support analysis, decision making, and sales. Moreover, it can make pertinent data available globally to people responsible for clinical trials while ensuring security and regulatory compliance.

Combining the most promising healthcare-related technologies with data and analytics is a game-changer for life sciences companies.

Informatic Tech offers a range of services and solutions to help the life sciences industry harness the power of data.

Veeva CRM

Align all customer-facing resources and interactions, track your performance and learn what works, and optimize your promotional spend while extending your reach. With our Veeva CRM, you can:

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Veeva Vault

Bridge content gaps across your enterprise to streamline global processes while supporting local autonomy. With Veeva Vault, you can:

  • Eliminate system, site, and country silos
  • Streamline end-to-end processes across commercial, medical, clinical, regulatory, quality, and safety
  • Gain additional efficiency and compliance through the streamlined flow of documents across regions and departments

Veeva iREP

Transform your business with a sales effectiveness tool that packs the power of Veeva CRM and best-in-class closed-loop marketing in a single iOS application:

  • HTML 5/CSS
  • JavaScript
  • SalesForce
  • ZIP Files
  • No Flash

Pharma Sales Enablement

Empower your customer-facing staff with technology that can help improve customer communication not only in face-to-face meetings but also through multiple channels and means.

  • Email tracking
  • Appointment scheduling, automation, and reminder tools
  • Workflow integration



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