Business need

Your pharma sales team, the main customer-facing staff of the pharmaceutical industry, faces many challenges including: lower perceived product differentiation, pressure to find more efficient communication channels, great heterogeneity in the needs of customers and the value of customers to the company, and restricted physician access.


Empower your customer-facing staff with technology that can help improve customer communication not only in face-to-face meetings but also through multiple channels and means such as Email Tracking, Appointment Scheduling and Reminder Tools, Workflow Integration, and Automation and Tracking.

Email Tracking

Appointment Scheduling, Automation and Reminder Tools

Workflow Integration

Email Tracking

Notify your sales rep when any email they sent to leads has been opened or clicked, so they can have a better expectation which leads are most likely to be converted to sales.

Appointment Scheduling, Automation, and Reminder Tools

Remove the manual, repetitive work associated with managing schedules and let your sales rep focus on growing your business

Workflow Integration

Build, configure, and integrate your sales reps' workflows with a connected system of applications and databases.


  • Transition from direct to digital communication and training
  • Help medical device companies adhere to strict FDA requirements and provide a single source of truth for their products
  • Simplify company mergers and acquisitions
  • Simplify sales and marketing collateral from a B2B standpoint and serve as a helpful tool for patient engagement efforts
  • Help businesses adapt to the complex landscape and align with Big Data trends



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