How do you best capture data? How do you best leverage data for competitive advantage? And how do you best monitor your business in the ever-evolving social landscape? Informatic can help guide you through these mission-critical challenges.

Big Data/Analytics

Informatic offers a range of services and solutions to help clients navigate the ever-evolving Big Data and Analytics landscape.

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    Flexible Client Engagement
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    Expert Consulting Across Big Data Lifecycle
    Program > Strategy > Design , Implementation > Reporting > Optimization.
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    Online & Onsite Training
    Big Data Programming, Languages,Tools Analytics, and Administration.


As part of our enterprise-wide Analytics solutions, we offer end-end services for SAP HANA migrations and S/4HANA implementations, helping organizations realize benefits of digital economy, analytics and to create business differentiations.

The Informatic solution provides several benefits:

  • Enhanced understanding of Big Data and how to leverage it for competitive advantages
  • Improved Big Data strategies and ongoing optimization
  • Improved and more efficient decision making
  • Reduced operational costs and/or improved ability for new product/service introductions

App Development

With 3 offshore development centers in India, Informatic partners with our clients to replicate their IT environments. Additionally we train our teams, set-up communication and security systems and integrate our development processes with our client’s to ensure that the offshore team is an efficient and seamless extension of the client’s development facilities. We also invest in creating a pool of additional resources which can be used to augment the team at any time. And we deliver all of this with a system that optimizes employee productivity while providing attractive long-term rates.

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    On-time on-budget deliveries
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    Shortened lead times for project start-up
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    Significant cost advantage
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    Leverage strong project management expertise
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    Leverage high quality standards
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    Shortened development cycles due to 12 hour time difference


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two concepts that are at the center of the technological revolution sweeping the world. While they are closely related, there is a difference. AI is the idea of machines being capable of not just accomplishing tasks but doing so in a way that could be described as "smart". On the other hand, Machine Learning involves providing machines with data and enabling them to learn for themselves.

Together, these two concepts are making breakthroughs across the world and helping businesses flourish. Among the benefits provided are:

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    Accomplishment of key metrics and goals
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    Gaining important insights for the betterment of the business
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    Improved decision-making
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    More advanced innovations in products and services

Agile Project Management

Informatic can also deliver results through Agile Project Management. This breaks down the project into different steps or iterations in order to make it more adaptable. This entails

  • Organized partitions ordered in terms of importance
  • Improved collaboration between the Informatic team and our customers
  • More versatility and the ability to adjust consistently as needed to ensure that requirements are delivered as needed and that outputs are optimal.
  • A holistic approach that combines action with planning. This is what allows for a more agile execution of the project.

Cloud Computing

Digital technology has dramatically changed the business landscape. Today’s most successful organizations are leveraging digital to disrupt markets with new and innovative products, services and solutions. Informatic can help you implement a software driven approach to fully embrace the new digital transformation paradigm.

Informatic combines its expertise in Big Data, Social Media, Cloud, and Mobility to help you design a Core Platform Strategy as follows:

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    Integration of existing and new infrastructure and software
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    Data integration and curation
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    API strategy and implementation
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    Customer experience creation strategy
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    Comprehensive and proven platform blueprint

Our solutions cover a broad spectrum of both consumer-centric and process-centric digital services such as: Digital Marketing, Advanced Digital Analytics, Collaborative Portals, UX Design, Business Process Modelling, Mobility and other custom solutions.


Cybersecurity is one of the biggest concerns during the digital age. Businesses need to have all their technology protected, from their smallest mobile devices to their massive servers and networks. Informatic can ensure that your business not only undergoes a successful digital transformation but also make sure that your system is safe from any malicious attacks.

Cybersecurity provides many benefits:

  • Prevents unauthorized access to a network
  • Keeps critical data safe, ensuring business operations continue smoothly
  • Reassures stakeholders that their information is safe with you
  • Better recovery and response when a breach takes place

Protecting information is crucial to the survival of a business in this technological era. From the most innocuous pieces of data to the most sensitive and critical information, cybersecurity is a must.


Mobility Solutions and Mobile Applications Development are perhaps the biggest technological needs among today’s growth oriented organizations. Smart devices are omnipresent, and companies are continuously exploring new ways to leverage mobile technology. Informatic offers proven capabilities in Mobile Solutions that span multiple data sources and platforms.

Our cutting-edge “Chameleon” platform allows us to integrate multiple data sources while delivering content and applications securely to a variety of devices. We offer Mobility Applications Solutions and Development across all domains:

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Mobility Solutions engagements can range from Mobility Strategy to Scaling Existing Mobility Platforms to Developing New Mobility Solutions.

  • Flexible Mobility Solutions engagement model
  • Seamless integration of multiple data sources
  • Secure content and applications delivery
  • Launch applications for new business growth, communications and/or process improvements

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