Business need

Digital technology has dramatically changed the business landscape. Today’s most successful organizations are leveraging digital to disrupt markets with new and innovative products, services and solutions. However, most companies remain narrowly focused on “IT modernization” as way to reduce costs and/or improve operational efficiency—and that’s not enough to remain competitive. Many consumers, especially Millennials, demand a seamless digital experience that transcends both their work and personal lives. Informatic can help you implement a software driven approach to fully embrace the new digital transformation paradigm.


Informatic combines its expertise in Big Data, Social Media, Cloud, and Mobility to help you design a Core Platform Strategy as follows:

Integration of existing and new infrastructure and software

Data integration and curation

API strategy and implementation

Customer experience creation strategy

Comprehensive and proven platform blueprint

Our solutions cover a broad spectrum of both consumer-centric and process-centric digital services such as: Digital Marketing, Advanced Digital Analytics, Collaborative Portals, UX Design, Business Process Modelling, Mobility and other custom solutions.


  • New revenue streams via delivery of innovative services, solutions or products
  • Cost reductions via operational efficiencies and improved processes
  • Enhanced customer experiences and relationships
  • Leverage combination of existing and new infrastructure
  • Easily integrate across legacy systems



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